Korber Energy


Korber Energy Consultants offers many services to help accommodate all your Whole Building Energy Simulation and Sustainable Design on new construction and existing building projects(Commercial and Residential). The following services can be provided:

Whole Building Energy Simulations for:

  • Design Assist/Analysis
  • Compliance for LEED, Utility Incentives, Energy Codes
    (ASHRAE 90.1-2001;2004;2007; Title 24 California, Canadian MNECB)
  • New Construction & Existing Buildings
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Sustainable Design Analysis
  • HVAC Systems Evaluation
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Training using eQuest/DOE2.2

  • On-site or Teleconference simulation training or new or advanced users of whole building simulation programs (travel will be expensed to the client, fees and contracts are negotiable)

eQuest & DOE2 Technical Support & Peer Reviews

  • On-going or temporary contracts can be offered for simulation technical support services. Technical support is offered via phone and email communications, shared file references, educational or simulation tools, etc. will be used and shared to support the needs of the client for the duration of the contract. Fee contracts can be set up on a per-question basis or hourly rate structure. Contact us to discuss what service options will fit your needs and budget.
  • Simulation/Peer Review services can be offered as third party verification of the simulation results and project recommendations. For less experienced simulators developing a good reference early-on for acceptable energy use values which is key in producing quality energy simulations and analysis. Korber Energy Consultants can offer mentoring & training experience assisting in developing a simulation-team successful with accurate results estimates and producing high-quality simulation summary reports and recommendations.

LEED® Coordination and Project Support

  • Korber Energy Consultants offers LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) project management services for one or all of the project credits being pursued. We have experience with multi-versions of LEED Programs including LEED for New Construction versions 1.0, 2.0-2.2, 3.0 (LEED 2009), Existing Buildings, and Commercial Interiors.

Grant Writing

  • Korber Energy Consultants has experience with applying for and managing grant funds for community and business programs. Is your business or organization group seeking project funds from grant sources? Korber Energy Consultants have experience with varying types of grant awards from local/community levels, to State-funded, and Federally Managed grant awards.
  • Contact us to discuss how our experience can help your Program Proposal and Grant Application gain advantage in the selection process. We are always supportive of community efforts focused on environmental responsibility and local community development with particular interest in small & rural communities.

Sustainable Project Management Services

  • Korber Energy Consultants will manage your project in a professional manner with a sustainable focus and decision approach that is in line with your goals as the owner.

Design Charrette Facilitator

  • Korber Energy Consultants will facilitate your Sustainable Design Charrette as an unbiased third-party. Our Charrette approach allows for the project owner and design team to openly share ideas for energy conservation and collaborate creatively to evaluate many options for each project design and move forward with the most responsible strategy to fit the client’s focus.
  • The facilitator acts as a workshop leader to guide the design team on project specific topics and exercises throughout the workshop agenda. The facilitator is experienced with building design and will offer resourceful information as needed to guide the discussions toward successful, efficient design decisions.


Korber Energy Consultants quote bids based on project needs.

Fee proposals include a detailed Scope of Work, agreeable fee contract, and any project details requested by the client that fit within the proposed scope of work and fee agreement.

To discuss specific fees for your project contact Korber Energy Consultants at 308.763.1593